How does CarRush benefit dealers, manufacturers and finance companies?


CarRush helps grow the new car market

Our extensive research has found that 85% of all car owners are NOT looking to buy a new car in the next 12 months. However, 1 in 5 of these car owners said they would become a new car buyer today if they could obtain a discount of between 20% – 30% off the price of their new car. This is a potential increase in the market of 200,000 cars for the UK. By aggregating the best deals in the new car market CarRush is a win/win for manufacturers, dealers, finance companies and consumers.


What are the benefits that CarRush brings for dealers, manufacturers and lenders?

  1. It is a marketing platform for dealers and lenders to access a private members club consisting of tens of thousands of car shoppers/buyers;
  2. It is a new channel to push excess stock and to offer special deals;
  3. It is NOT a competitor to dealers! The offers are based on a monthly price and a commitment to keeping the vehicle for at least 3 years on a PCP contract. Deals are sent exclusively to CarRush members so the site does not compete directly with dealers and does not affect residual values in the used car market. 
  4. It is a means for dealers and finance companies to obtain fully screened, credit checked finance applications. CarRush manages the application process for the finance and if approved the finance company purchases the car from the dealer and the customer has a relationship directly with the finance company.
  5. It is a form of pull/push marketing that grows the market for manufacturers by asking its thousands of members to specify what car they would like a special deal for. When CarRush obtains hundreds of requests for a particular make and model, it will request a bulk order from the manufacturer and sell the cars to customers that would not have otherwise bought at that time.


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Why partner CarRush?

CarRush is a marketing platform for dealers, manufacturers and lenders to access more car buyers and thereby increase sales.

How does CarRush benefit dealers and manufacturers?

  • It’s a marketing platform to access tens of thousands of car shoppers/buyers
  • Dealers/lenders get fully screened, credit checked finance applications
  • It’s NOT a competitor to dealers! Most offers are based on a 3 year PCP contract sent exclusively to CarRush
  • CarRush grows the market by asking its members to specify what car they would like a deal for and then it creates them.