How Does CarRush Work?

 What we offer

Our objective is to save buyers of new cars at least £1,500 and as much as £10,000 if they source their car through us.

If you aren’t looking for a new car we want to provide you with great deals on MOTs, tyres, annual service, Satnavs, etc.




There are two ways to get the most from CarRush

   1. Take one of our unbeatable deals right now;


   2. Become a CarRush Club member (see membership benefits below)


What happens if you want to take a deal right now?

  1. You need to buy a CarRush Coupon to secure one of the few vehicles on offer within the limited time. Don’t worry! Your account will not be debited until you verbally confirm with our sales team that you want to proceed. The Coupon just secures the car for you.
  2. After buying the coupon, we need to verify you are able to take the finance deal (ie; make the monthly payments) offered by the finance company. To do this we ask a few questions about you and then undertake a soft credit check which does not damage/affect your credit file.
  3. If your credit profile is acceptable to the finance company our customer services team will call you to confirm that you want to proceed.
  4. If you want to proceed then we lodge the details you provided in (2) above with the finance company.
  5. If the finance company accepts your application then we arrange documentation and delivery to your door by the dealer.


What do CarRush Club Members Get?

You can join the CarRush Club by simply giving us your name and email address. Once you do that you:

  1. Will receive exclusive, unbeatable weekly deals on new cars, Satnavs, car stereos, MOTs, car servicing, Tyres, etc…; and,
  2. Can tell us the car that you want a 30% discount on and we will source it;
  3. Can earn £50 vouchers and win a home entertainment system by doing referrals


CarRush FAQs

1. Who supplies the vehicles?

All cars are sourced directly from trusted UK dealers, come with a full manufacturer warranty and are delivered to your door by the dealer.

2. Who provides the finance?

Car finance is most often provided by brands that the general public are not very familiar with, although these brands are often owned by manufacturers or international banks. The finance companies that CarRush uses are the same that you would use if you took finance from the dealer.

3. How many cars can I buy at once?

You can only purchase one car and one CarRush Coupon in any given deal.

4. Are the vehicles the same as what I would get from a dealer?

All cars offered by CarRush come from dealers (with a full manufacturer warranty) and, therefore, the vehicles are the same as what you would test drive or take from a dealer.

5. What happens if all the cars in one CarRush deal are NOT sold?

Will I still get mine at the offer price? Yes. The deal has an expiry date so the two things that end it are the number available or the date. In either event, anyone that buys a CarRush Coupon, applies online and is accepted by the finance company will still get the deal and the car that they applied for.

6. Can I part exchange my existing car via CarRush?

You can discuss this with our customer services team that can help on a case by case basis.

7. What is the finance product that CarRush uses for its deals?

This is always explained in the fine print section on the specific deal page. In nearly all cases it is PCP.

8. What is PCP ?

PCP is the most popular car finance product in the UK. Sixty percent of all cars sold with finance by dealers are sold using PCP. With PCP you pay a specified deposit, commit to a monthly payment over a period which is typically 2 to 4 years, and agree an annual mileage. Legal ownership is retained by the finance company for the period, at the end of which you have an option to buy the car outright or hand it back and get a new one.

9. What are the advantages of PCP?

  1. Lower, Fixed Monthly Payments – You only pay for the period that you use the car (i.e. not the entire cost of the car), so your monthly payments are often much lower than other finance options for the same car and same term.
  2. More Car, More Often – With lower monthly payments, you can afford a better car for the same money and keep swapping for a new one at the end of your finance period.
  3. No Used-Car Hassles – PCP removes the headache of part exchange when you want a new car. When your PCP period ends, you can simply return the old vehicle to the finance company and walk away. Alternatively, you can choose to pay the balloon payment that was agreed at the beginning of the contract and retain the vehicle.

10. What are the disadvantages of PCP?

  1. Until you make the final payment, the car is owned by the finance company. If ownership is important to you this may be a drawback.
  2. You will be limited to the annual mileage chosen initially. If you exceed this and decide NOT to buy the car at the end of the contract, you will be required to pay excess mileage fees.

11. When is PCP or hire purchase a good idea?

PCP is a product that was created by finance companies owned by manufacturers such as Ford Finance. According to the Finance and Leasing Association, PCP and leasing accounts for as much as 70% of finance provided for new cars bought through dealerships. PCP is a popular product because it was designed to create lower prices for the customer and to create flexibility if they are not sure if they want to have the car for a period longer than 3 -4 years. If they don’t, they can simply hand the car back at the end of the contract and if they do want to own it then they can buy the car outright. However, if someone wants to take out a long term finance plan and/or knows that they want to own the car and keep it for a long time, then the product more suitable to them is hire purchase as it can work out cheaper over a longer period. CarRush currently offers  PCP with its deals because it is the most popular form of car finance. 

 12. Do I have to insure the car?

You must arrange fully comprehensive insurance for your vehicle or you will be in breach of your agreement with the finance company.

13. Is the car brand new?

Yes, all vehicles are brand new, supplied from UK dealers with a manufacturer’s warranty and will be delivered to you.

14. How long do I have to wait for delivery of the vehicle?

This is specified for each deal on the website. In some cases, you will need to enquire about estimated delivery or availability of particular vehicle colours.

15. Can I see the terms and conditions of the finance?

Yes. If you choose to proceed with the deal, when our customer services team speak to you they can share the terms and conditions for that particular finance deal.

16. Will I be protected by the Consumer Credit Act / Directive?

You are protected by the CCA and also by the Office of Fair Trading’s Distance Selling Regulations. Between them, the protection is very comprehensive.

17. What is a credit check and why does it need to happen?

  • If you decide to take one of the CarRush deals, it will be necessary for us to undertake (with your permission) an assessment of your credit history. Our process is managed by a top credit reference agency, is extremely confidential and will not leave a mark on your file.
  • We need to do this because our finance partners need to verify your identity and your ability to make repayments. A credit report provides a summary of a person’s credit accounts, repayment record and how well they are coping with their finances. It will be used alongside the information on a finance application to make a decision on whether or not to offer you, and how much, credit.
  • Provided that you have not missed more than one payment on a loan/credit card or had any credit problems (demands/CCJ) in the last 12 months your credit profile should enable you to obtain finance. If you have missed some payments then your credit rating will be affected and depending on the severity and frequency of your missed payments you may not be eligible for finance and therefore will not qualify for the deal. In such a case you will not be charged a fee for your CarRush Coupon.

18. What happens if I can no longer afford the payments?

If you find yourself in this situation, let the finance company with whom you have the agreement know as soon as possible. They will advise you of their position.

19. How do I make my monthly payments?

Payments are collected by monthly direct debit by the finance company.

20. Are services and maintenance included?

  • If you choose car leasing, a maintenance package can be added. A maintenance package is like an insurance policy that is paid each month and it covers vehicle repair and maintenance costs that are not covered by a manufacturer warranty. These include servicing, battery, tyres, brakes and exhaust repairs.
  • If you elect to take a maintenance package, it is an additional fixed monthly cost above the cost of the car. If you choose not to, it is your responsibility to maintain the vehicle unless it is covered in the manufacturer’s warranty.

21. Is breakdown cover included?

Yes, vehicles include between 12 and 36 months of breakdown recovery at no extra cost which is part of the manufacturer’s warranty. The exact length depends on the manufacturer and this might be restricted to a certain number of miles over the warranty period. 

22. How does the £50 friend referral work?

You will receive a £50 voucher for each referral that purchases a CarRush Coupon, applies and is accepted for finance and takes delivery of a Car obtained via CarRush. For a full explanation refer to our terms and conditions.

What is CarRush?

CarRush offers new cars from UK dealers with discounts of up to 40%. Prices include the car, the finance, a full warranty and delivery. We also offer car products and services.

Why Join CarRush?

  • Receive unbeatable deals on cars and accessories
  • Tell us what car you want an unbeatable deal on
  • Get £50 when you refer friends
  • Win a new home entertainment system