About CarRush

What we do

Are you a car owner?  Are you considering buying a new car? CarRush can save you thousands of pounds by providing you with unbeatable deals. Our objective is to save car buyers at least £1,500 and as much as £10,000 if they source their new car through us and if you aren’t looking for a new car we want to provide you with UNMISSABLE deals on MOTs, tyres, annual service, Satnavs, etc.

How you benefit from CarRush

You can join the CarRush Club by simply giving us your name and email address. Once you do that you: 

  1. Will receive exclusive, unbeatable weekly deals on new cars, Satnavs, car stereos, MOTs, car servicing, Tyres, etc…; and,

  2. Can tell us what car you want us to source for you and create as a super deal and we do all of the work; and,

  3. Can earn up to £50 per referral that buys a CarRush coupon; and,

  4. Can win great prizes such as the current offering of a home entertainment system

Who is CarRush?

CarRush is operated by FinanceAcar.co.uk (trading name of Smart Car Finance Ltd). When you deal with CarRush you deal with the FinanceAcar team. FinanceAcar is the UK’s top comparison engine for getting car buyers the best monthly price for their new car. We have served the needs of more than 10,000 car buyers since we began 3 years ago and now have sales offices across the UK in the Northeast, Northwest and Wales and have partnerships that encompass many of the UK’s top dealer groups and finance companies. FinanceAcar was a winner of the prestigious Seedcamp award as one of the best new companies in Europe in 2010. See what our customers and journalists say about us.

What people say about us?

“I’ve found FinanceAcar a very friendly and easy to deal with company. A big decision for us was made easy by very knowledgeable staff and very competitive prices (by some margin). The delivery was very quick as the car I wanted was coming into stock. My thanks to Jack and Tina in the Manchester office who were spot on.” – S Dawson, Staffordshire

“I was apprehensive using a company I had not heard of initially, any concerns were quickly put to rest via a fast professional service at prices I could not match anywhere else.” – N Fraser, East Dunbartonshire

“Helpful staff, only too pleased to help.  I believe I got a good deal on my new car, Vauxhall Insignia and would recommend FinanceAcar to my friends.” -

“It goes to show that you don’t have to pay high prices to receive a high standard of seamless service, FinanceAcar have proved that.” – Chris, London.

“I searched online for the best price for the car I wanted. FinanceAcar came out on top (or bottom) in terms of most competitive price so I took the plunge. The whole process proved far painless than I expected. I specified a required date and it was duly delivered & the regular updates on progress before delivery and the courtesy calls following delivery have been excellent.” Andy, Hampshire.

What the press says  about us?

The Independent – “Get the right deal to finance your new car

Honest John – “New Website launched to allow finance comparison for the first time

Guardian – “FinanceAcar want to disrupt the auto trade

This is Money – “Compare all car finance deals online

What is CarRush?

CarRush offers new cars from UK dealers with discounts of up to 40%. Prices include the car, the finance, a full warranty and delivery. We also offer car products and services.

Why Join CarRush?

  • Receive unbeatable deals on cars and accessories
  • Tell us what car you want an unbeatable deal on
  • Get £50 when you refer friends
  • Win a new home entertainment system